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What are the basic tools for coding HTML manually?
A) a WYSIWYG editor and web browser
B) a text editor and WYSIWYG editor
C) a text editor and web browser
D) a web browser and a monitor

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  • The answer should be C, you need a text editor to write out the code, and then a web browser to view what the code creates.
  • Answer:

    The correct answer is C) a text editor and web browser.


    A text editor is important because it is the most basic and necessary tool for coding in any language, such as HTML. A web browser is important because it provides the possibility of testing the code with internet and some other tools and software the person may have uploaded. A WYSIWYG editor is not necessary for manual coding, although it may help in some cases. A monitor is actually a basic tool for all this activity because all machines must have one for visualising everything, however it is not for coding, only for visualising.