Type the correct answer in the box. Use numerals instead of words. If necessary, use / for the fraction bar. The area of a circle is 78.5 square centimeters, and a subtending arc on the circle has an arc length of 6. The estimated value of is 3.14. The measure of the angle subtended by the arc is

1 Answer

  • To solve this problem you must apply the proccedure shown below:

     1. You have that the arc lengt is 6 and the area os 78,5 cm^2. Therefore, you must apply the following formula:

     Arc lenght=radius x θ 

     2. The value of the radius is:


     3. When you clear θ , you obtain:

     θ=Arc length/radius
     θ=6/5 radians

     Therefore, the answer is:6/5 radians