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To protect a movie, what category of intellectual property would be used? select one:
a. copyright
b. service mark
c. trademark
d. patent

2 Answer

  • A((copyright is the answer
  • Answer:

    a. copyright


    • A copyright is an exclusive right given to the creator of the work and has a limited time of reproduction these include the literary, artistic or musical forms.
    • It is subject to limitations based on the public's interests. It to be granted by public laws and there are territorial rights mean they are granted to a particular state or nation and this right typically expires after 50 to 100 years.
    • Designs and Patents Act of 1988, provides a legal framework for the ownership of the right. These can also include friction, movies poems and character plays.
    • The owner needs to be registered with the government website to apply or avail the copyright certificate