A jogger goes 1.5km west and then turns south.If the jogger finishes 1.7 km from the starting point,how far south did the jogger go?

1 Answer

  • Hello!

    You can use the Pythagorean Theorem to solve this

    [tex] a^{2} + b^{2} = c^{2} [/tex]

    c is the hypotenuse
    a and b are the legs

    Put in the values you know

    [tex] 1.5^{2} + b^{2} = 1.7^{2} [/tex]

    Square the numbers

    [tex]2.25+ b^{2} =2.89[/tex]

    Subtract 2.25 from both sides

    [tex] b^{2} =0.64[/tex]

    Take the square root of both sides

    b = 0.8

    The answer is 0.8km

    Hope this helps!