In the simulation, open the micro mode, then select solutions indicated below from the dropdown above the beaker in the simulation. the beaker will fill up to the 0.50 l mark with the solution at 25 ∘c. arrange the acids in increasing order of acidity. rank from lowest to highest. to rank items as equivalent, overlap th

1 Answer

  • Milk (lowest acidity) < Coffee < Orange juice < Soda pops < vomit < Battery acid (highest acidity)

    explanation :

    pH values of all :

    battery acid pH = 1.0

    vomit pH = 2.0

    soda pop pH = 2.5

    orange juice pH = 3.5

    coffee pH = 5.0

    milik pH = 6.5

    pH value is lesser acidity is more . high pH indicate lesser acidic nature