Social Studies


who were the real rulers of sparta?

2 Answer

  • There were two kings that ruled Sparta and this was one of the unique features of Sparta. These two kings belonged to two different royal families. Under normal circumstances, any one of them controlled the army of Sparta. There was also the powerful assembly and the elected council and officials that looked after the needs of the people of Sparta. ┬áThe 5 elected euphors had immense power that was unchallengeable and so they also had a certain degree of ruling power over the people of Sparta.

  • There was the gerousia and the ephors. The gerousia was a group of elders, who had to be at least 60. The ephors we're the actual leaders who shared power with the Spartan King. 5 echoes were elected every year by the people. So there was some forms of democracy in the aristocracy government of Sparta.